First blog post

I never really imagined that I would have a blog.  I never really understood why people would want to read what I had to say.  That all changed a few weeks ago when I received the invitation to my TEN year class reunion.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t go.

I may or may not have purposely scheduled a vacation with my husband for the weekend of the reunion.

Even though I tried to avoid it, the reality that I had graduated from high school a decade ago set off my quarter- life crisis.

I thought quarter- or mid-life crises were made up until I experienced mine.  Now, I am very happy with my life.  I have a wonderful husband, a house, a job and a dog.  We are thinking about having children.  I really had nothing to have a crisis about, but it still happened.

Simply put, I wasn’t the person I had wanted to become.  Ten years ago, I had so many dreams.  I had imagined that I would be a writer, living in someplace far from my hometown with a husband and dog.  I wanted to travel and meet new people and have new experiences.

At least, I got the husband and dog part right.  We travel sometimes, too.

Somehow, after high school, I had lost sight of those dreams.  I blame college and the unemployment after college.  It totally made me become a different person.  A grumpier, more in debt person.

Currently, I’m living in my hometown.  My job is mind numbing.  It was something that I fell into by accident.  While I’m happy to be employed, the thought of working there for the next forty years makes me sad.

Of course, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.  I’m 28 years old and still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.   I thought I would have it figured out by now, but I think I’m further from it now than I ever was.

I had settled for what was easy and simply.  But now, I’m putting myself out there, and trying something new.  I want to get back to that happy, creative person I once was.

So, I’m starting with this blog.  I thought I wanted to be a writer, so I’m going to try it out.  I plan on posting things that I like, or catch my interest.  I like DIY, so you will probably see my experiments and Pinterest fails.  I like fashion and shopping.  I love to travel and plan trips.  It will be a little of everything. And probably a lot of pictures of my dog, Frank.  I also have a big, crazy family, so there will be stories about them, too.

My blog name actually comes for something my grandma always says to me.  Whenever I would say something silly or unrealistic, she would say, “Oh honestly, Sarah.”

For example:

“Grandma, I’m starting a blog,” I said.

She replied, “Oh honestly, Sarah.”