Road Trip Part 3-Portland

Our next stop on our road trip was Portland.  I was so excited to visit Portland, and it was just as quirky as I imagined it.  There really isn’t’ a better word to describe Portland except quirky.


Portland has so many great parks.  When I was looking into Portland, I was surprised to see how many parks were labeled as must-sees. Since we couldn’t spend all day driving around looking at Parks, we picked Cathedral Park and Forest Park, which are across the river from each other, connected by St John’s Bridge.  Cathedral Park is very pretty.  It’s basically a hill and has great views of the bridge above it.

Driving down St John’s Bridge towards Forest Park

While Cathedral Park is like a normal park with grass and a few trees, Forest Park is, well, like a forest.  It has huge trees and covered in moss.  Both are worth the checking out.

The Grotto


The Grotto is a truly unique place.  It is a religious shrine in the side of a mountain.  It’s so peaceful and serene.  It totally unexpected in the middle of the city.  While it is a religious site, I don’t think you have to be religious to really appreciate the beauty of it.

Pearl District

The Pearl District was our last stop in Portland.  It’s such a cute area with great, little shops.  I recommend stopping at Powell’s bookstore.  Husband found some really old books that he had been looking for and couldn’t find online.


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